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Print what you want where you want on public access.


Individuals, print you documents quickly in our partner print kiosks.

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Companies, organisations, associations, credit your print account for your staff.

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Thanks to M@PS with a simple e-mail, I can print my sensitive document on a public. network of Printers

Network & Public Printing kiosk

On the move, I can geolocate and guide myself to the nearest Public Printing kiosk.

Fast and efficient

No need to own an expensive device. I can print in A4 / A3, black and white or color in less than 40 seconds on a professional quality laser printer.

Secured Printing

With a unique and personal code, the legal secrecy of correspondence is preserved. Once printed or after 72hours, the document is automatically deleted.

Share my Page-credits

From my M@PS account, I can "offer" page-credits to whoever I want (administrators, employees, association, family, friends ...). These page-credits are transferable "from user to user".

Buy credits

I validate my registration and I select the printing page pack I need. As a result, my credits are immediately available.